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Bon Voyage French School

Our Classes

Adult French 1- Semester 1- Independent Study


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Feb 7, 2018 , runs for 15 weeks

This is the first year French class designed for adults 18 and over.  This method, called FLE (français langue étrangère) is based on the science behind how the brain acquires languages.  The method is a whole communication method which will focus on practical communication for adults.  This is a no translation method.

Curriculum is called "Saison" from the French publisher "Didier."  All course materials will be provided.  Students will receive a recording of the live course from the week, and have independent language practice between live courses as well as practical assignments that ask students to apply the skills being practiced.

In this first semester, students will learn how to:

- Interact with others - make introductions, describe people, and talk about nationalities

- Describe where and how one lives

- Cultural lessons will be included to give students a linguistic context. 

- Grammar will be taught to help students communicate with fluency.

CAVILAM Adult Immersion Program



Calendar May 31, 2018 , runs for 1 week

Program Dates- August 4-20, 2018

Learn French in the heart of France!

Bon Voyage offers an immersion program in France with CAVILAM-Alliance Française of Vichy.  Located in the Auvergne region, this school is the ideal place to learn French while enjoying the French lifestyle. 

Adults in the program live with a host family, attend daily classes with other adults learning French, and participate in cultural enrichment activities throughout the region organized by CAVILAM.  Adults also have the option to spend a few days in Paris at the end of the program with Bon Voyage director Elizabeth Porter.  

Price includes EVERYTHING!  Airfare on Delta Airlines, train from Paris to Vichy, all program tuition, meals while in Vichy, all tours and accommodations. You also have the option to arrange your own airfare if you choose!  One year of continuing French courses with Bon Voyage French School is also included.

Our teen program runs during these same dates, so this is a great opportunity to travel with your teen or tween!  The tween and teen programs accept students as young as 10!  (note, for this program family members will not be allowed to stay in the same host family because this is a full immersion experience.  Families who wish to stay together have the option to sign up for our 10 day family program- if you have a tween or teen that is participating, please register the teen or tween in the Cavilam Immersion Program for Teens).

Payment plan available: $600 deposit plus 11 payments of $363.63, paid weekly

CAVILAM Immersion Program for Teens (ages 10-20 years old)


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Jan 15, 2018 , runs for 2 weeks



Learn French in the Heart of France

Cost includes airfare, train from Paris to Vichy,  all program tuition, meals, accommodations, activities and tours.  One year of continuing French courses through Bon Voyage French School are also included.

Students ages 10-16 participate in the junior program- 16 to 20 participate in the intensive program.  Students live with host families, attend classes, and participate in cultural enrichment activities organized by the school.  Students then spend two days at the end of the trip in Paris with our program director Elizabeth Porter and program adult chaperones.

 If you are an ADULT PARTICIPANT (21 or older) registering with a minor, please register yourself under the Adult program.

CAVILAM has designed a program specific for Bon Voyage!  CAVILAM is located in Vichy, France and is one of the leading French language programs in the world.  CAVILAM is partnered with the Alliance Française to offer a unique immersion experience with intensive French classes for children to young adults! 

 If you would like to pay by check or pay on a different payment schedule, and/or you plan to fundraise,  click on "Pay in full" then on the checkout screen- check « pay by check » at the checkout.  You will be invoiced on a different payment schedule than the one set here. You will still be able to pay with a credit card, you will just be sent invoices manually instead of the system automatically debiting your card.  

Payment plan available: $600 deposit plus 10 payments of $400.00, paid weekly

Will run

CAVILAM Intensive Teacher Training



Calendar Aug 4, 2018 , runs for 2 weeks

Bon Voyage French school offers a variety of teacher language and training opportunities, including a one or two week Intensive Teacher Training at CAVILAM during the dates of our teen program!

The teacher program is for French teachers who would like to train in CAVILAM's FLE method and who would like to connect with French teachers from all over the world.

CAVILAM's program is specific for French teachers, as it is conducted all in French, however, the methods taught at CAVILAM can be used to teach any language.  During the training you will pick from an "à la carte menu" of classes which include methods, ideas, games, and use of technology in the classroom.  The program will be sent to you when it becomes available in early 2018 so you can start planning your classes!  You will be given many resources and materials to take home, as well as being able to preview and take home samples of textbooks, music, and more!

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate from CAVILAM.  

Cost of the program includes:

-Round trip airfare to Paris 

- Round trip train from Paris to Vichy

- CAVILAM Tuition

- Accommodation in a French host family

- Breakfast and dinner daily in the host family in Vichy

- 2 Days in Paris with the student group at the end of the trip 


Price listed here is for the two week program.  You will use this same form to register for the one week program.  When you select one week, the price will adjust for the one week program. 




Payment plan available: $600 deposit plus 11 payments of $290.90, paid weekly

Elementary French 1 Semester 1- Independent Study


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Feb 6, 2018 , runs for 14 weeks

This class is designed for elementary school students (grades 1-5).  

Parents MUST attend this class with their children.  

This is the first semester of first year French specifically designed for elementary school students.  

BRAND NEW CURRICULUM designed in France by Elizabeth Porter in collaboration with our immersion partner in Vichy!  All course materials provided by the instructor.

Method focuses on communication, and whole language, NOT translation!  We learn French through games, songs, and pictures, and movements.  Students will be engaged throughout the entire class!

Unit 1- Premiers mots de français 

          - First French words- introductions, colors, vocal rhymes, verbal          commands

Unit 2- Numbers, talking about age and birthdays

There are 4 units total in the first year, the following units will be in the next semester offered in the fall.


No classes April 16-27


French First Year- FULL YEAR- Independent Study


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Aug 30, 2017 , runs for 32 weeks

This course is Independent study.  Weekly Class videos and assignments will be posted in our online classroom on Wednesdays or Thursdays each week. 

Independent Study Students can transfer into a Live section at the beginning of each semester provided that:

1.  They have completed all of the coursework for the previous semester 

2.  There is room in the live section

This is the First year of French. Students can enroll by quarter, by semester, or by full year. Focus is on culture, communication, and fluency, NOT translation. Students learn language through stories, songs, pictures, games, body movements, and interactive activities that help them THINK in French. Curriculum is presented in the form of thematic units including: Intro Units (Premiers Mots), Les Amis (Friends and People), L'École (school), La Famille et La Maison (home and family), La Nourriture (Food), and La Mode (fashion). Students are assessed by experiential learning projects that require them to apply specific skills. -note- in the last 2 weeks of quarter 4 we do an assignment with the movie Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel). This movie is rated PG but it is a FRENCH movie. I encourage parents of younger students to preview this movie before the end of the quarter to make sure you feel it is appropriate for your children to view. If you decide it is NOT appropriate, an alternative will be offered to your student for completing the assignment. We will NOT watch this movie IN CLASS but rather do exercises around the movie that teach language and culture. Students will be asked to view the movie outside of class. This movie is available through Amazon Prime and iTunes. I also have a copy of the DVD that I can send out on loan.

French Story Listening


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Apr 5, 2018 at 12:45 pm, runs for 8 weeks

Story listening is a method in which students learn language through listening to stories!  Students will listen to stories in French, learning vocabulary through pictures.  This method does not ask student to produce, but rather gives them the comprehensible input and immersion in the language to develop an ear for language, and feel confident because they can UNDERSTAND the language.  Students will listen to stories, draw pictures of vocabulary,  and then be asked at the end of the story to summarize either through pictures or an explanation of the story in English (or French if student is able) to show comprehension.  This is an excellent course for all students at all levels who want to spend time immersed in language, but the stories are simple and well known enough that even beginners will be able to understand.   This is also a very good course for students who have been in a previous immersion situation.  We'll hear a new story each week- stories such as "Les Trois Petits Cochons" (Three Little Pigs), "Petit Chaperon Rouge" (Little Red Riding Hood) and some famous French stories such as Les Fables de la Fontaine.  This course is excellent and effective on its own, and even better as a supplement to the "academic" French courses offered such as French 1 and French 2.  Students who are in middle school or high school will be offered 1/4 high school language credit for this course to count towards the two credits needed for college admissions.


No Classes April 16-27

Honors/College Prep French 1-Semester 1
Registration Unavailable

Honors/College Prep French 1-Semester 1


with Elizabeth Porter

Calendar Feb 6, 2018 at 10:45 am, runs for 14 weeks

This class is a First Year College Prep French Class for high school students. This is a class for students who would like an HONORS or AP class on their transcripts. This level of French does not prepare for the AP exam but prepares the foundations for taking language exams like the AP and other similar language certification and college exams.

In order to receive honors credit for this course, students must complete the FULL YEAR. You can enroll for the full year on the Bon Voyage Website or enroll in Winter Semester on Outschool when it is posted.

Curriculum for this course uses the text "Génération A1" and curriculum written by the teacher.

First semester will cover:Vocabulary:- Alphabet, spelling, accents- Salutations- School - Countries and nationalities- animals - family- calendar, numbers-professions- adjectives and descriptions

Grammar:- Personal pronouns- verbs être, avoir, aller, venir- indefinite and definite articles- feminine, masculine, and plural- Possessives- Interrogatives- Verb Negation- Regular -ER verbs

Culture:- France and La Francophonie- Physical and Political France


Payment plan available: $100 deposit plus 3 payments of $58.33, paid every two weeks

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